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About the Brand
Sandrine B. Jewelry

Sandrine B. Jewelry

Finding inspiration in the land around her, Sandrine B. is a collector of discarded objects. She gleans inspiration from bits and pieces of whatnot and translates them into beauty in her work. Her sustainable artisan jewelry reflects the nature and moments of life that speak to her wherever she happens to be—whether in her hometown of New York City, in her travels, or childhood experiences in Lyon, France and Corsica.

The eclectic designs in Sandrine B.’s eco-friendly art-to-wear collections are gender fluid. Some of her designs are molded directly from nature, including seashells and branches. Others are inspired from her photos or drawings. Her jewelry pieces are named after the person, the object or the place that inspired them and each has its own story to tell.
IG: sandrinebjewelry