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About the Brand
camera monster

Camera Monster

As Bryan Close became tired of his job as an advertising and editorial photographer, his interest in cameras and photographic processes began to grow deeper. He realized how much more he enjoyed geeking out on everything from the newest digital sensor technology and lens optical formulas, to turn-of-the-century print processes and timeless photo equipment. In 2012, his inspiration became a reality with the first camera t- shirt. He has created graphics that are true to the style and classic look of these historic cameras. His line of designs exploded overnight with the most amazing customers sharing their heartfelt camera/photography stories while they picked out the camera design that resonated most with them. Bryan honed in on the materials and processes to perfection. Using the right fabric and discharge chemistry (ink) combination, he has found the secret formula for creating shirts that are soft, durable, and stylish.
In The Studio
IG: cameramonster