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About Us

ID Pop Shop was born out of necessity. In 2011, faced with a lack of viable events for designers, artists, and makers, ID Pop Shop did what any creative or motivated person would do, we created our own even hosting retail pop ups before anyone even knew how to spell pop up. We built it, and people came, and after almost 100 events in Boston, the Meatpacking District, and Chelsea Market in New York City, ID Pop Shop was thriving. Every one knew that every month a rotating cast of New York City's area's most interesting, creative, and talented independent designers would be back at Chelsea Market. 

But then, the pandemic hit, threatened, and devastated New York City and the world. And with that, the retail landscape would be changed indefinitely. For how long, we were not sure (and the uncertainty continues). What most of us in the ID Pop family knew, was that now was the time to be creative, to experiment, and to be productive. And so, that is what we have done, and continue to do. 

ID Pop Shop is committed to providing a venue and showcasing the best in independent design in the New York City area. We hope our new e-commerce site - ID Pop Online - will again unite our customers with our designers. And just like the pop ups  at Chelsea Market, our cast of rotating designers, artists, and makers will once again fascinate and inspire you.

We are still here, better than ever, and we are not going anywhere. See you in person soon, but in the meantime, see you at ID Pop Online.